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    Advancing Women Leaders


    Just one in five senior leaders identify as a woman*—and 50% of organizations have no clear strategy to advance women leaders*.

    And, of the organizations with a strategy, nearly half do not address the organizational barriers holding women back, such as corporate culture and executive action.

    Do you have a strategy to attract, retain and advance women leaders at your organization?

    Bottom line: Gender parity isn’t a women’s issue—it’s a business issue, and organizations that don’t take meaningful steps will lose out—they’ll see less revenue, lose out on opportunities, and stifle innovation.

    According to Linkage research, companies that demonstrate the best results in advancing women leaders do two things: they take active steps to improve the environment for women and all members of underrepresented groups, and they differentially invest in individual women’s leadership training. Ultimately, they empower their women leaders to overcome the obstacles to female leadership—the seven high hurdles to advancement.

    There are more educated and driven women entering the workforce today than ever before, yet most organizations still struggle with retaining and developing women leaders. The time to change this trend—and see the impact of gender parity in leadership—is now.

    Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders? solution is a practical framework which enables organizations to attract, retain, develop, and advance women leaders at all levels. It is based on three decades of work with more than a million leaders–and all of our solutions are research-based, which means they are optimized to deliver measurable and lasting impact.

    We empower organizations to take active steps to improve the environment for women and develop and prepare women leaders for advancement.

    We drive institutional change through impactful leadership development solutions specifically for women, including our Advancing Women Organizational Assessment?, unconscious bias training, and inclusive leadership training. Then, we empower women through the Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment?, individualized coaching, buildable learning modules through the Linkage Academy, Advancing Women Leaders Virtual Sessions, and our premier Women in Leadership Institute?.

    *McKinsey 2017

    **Linkage 2019



    Establish benchmarks and strategies to advance women leaders.

    Equip women leaders with a variety of development opportunities designed to meet their unique needs.

    Organizations which see the best results through their women’s leadership initiatives provide their women leaders with the latest in leadership development specifically and uniquely designed for women. Linkage’s leadership development for women includes best-in-class programming designed to drive results.

    Expand your impact by building a culture where women leaders can excel.

    Multiply the impact of your strategy to advance women leaders by thoughtfully implementing programming designed to enable you to scale your efforts and create the culture shift needed for meaningful results.

    Partner with Linkage to achieve gender parity at your organization.

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    Changing the Game for Women in The Workplace

    Women leaders perform better, stay at their companies longer, and advance in their careers when organizations address four strategic dimensions.??Dive deeper into the research.

    Your partner to advance women leaders

    We are proven.

    With more than 20 years in the advancing women leaders space, we have a proven track record of supporting organizations to develop and advance their top female talent.

    We have the data.

    Our organizational assessment is the only diagnostic tool designed to specifically target women and the barriers they face–and our benchmark data is informed by our work with hundreds of organizations.

    We are people focused.

    Our expert consultants are equipped with the latest research on the advancement of women leaders. Our goals are your goals.

    It is inspiring to see the participants realizing their full potential as leaders. They are becoming even stronger role models capable of challenging themselves and others—not only within Avanade, but with our clients and beyond.

    Pamela Maynard President, Avanade Europe

    When we started our work with Linkage, we didn’t have a women’s story to tell…Now, we have that story.

    Elaine Stokes Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Loomis Sayles

    The Linkage and Synchrony partnership is very unique. Linkage brings both the expertise and hands-on collaboration that really helps deliver a great experience for our high potential women leaders.

    Dericka Hudson Vice President, Learning and Development, Synchrony

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