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    Organizations are more geographically dispersed and diverse than ever before. Are you reaching every level of leader at your organization through cutting-edge delivery methods?

    Linkage has developed a series of digital learning offerings specially designed for your on-the-go and geographically dispersed workforce—allowing learning to take place from the comfort of each leader’s desk.

    We use modern adult learning theory and virtual delivery techniques to deliver leadership development content that is highly interactive, easy-to-understand and engaging. Participants engage in a wide variety of activities (polls, group work, quizzes, etc.) and media types (discussion boards, articles, videos) to drive tangible learning outcomes.

    Our state-of-the-art online learning platform features:

    • Integration with Learning Management Systems
    • A customized look with your logo
    • Robust reporting capabilities
    • Badging to drive engagement and track progress
    • Discussion boards and forums
    • Micro-learning-oriented design including videos, simulations, and interactive pages

    Reaching Your Dispersed Workforce

    Digital Academics Linkage's Academies are now conveniently available to leaders through online learning.

    Linkage’s Academies, which are also available through in-person delivery, are now conveniently available to leaders through online learning.

    Participants work through much of the content at their own pace—reading articles, listening to podcasts and watching videos while taking time for self-reflection and goal setting. They also experience expert-led webinars and group exercises, which break participants into smaller peer groups that meet to work through assignments as a team.

    Many organizations combine in-person and digital Academies?to have the best of both worlds.

    Virtual Sessions Interactive online experiences, case studies, and activities designed for immediate, on-the-job application.

    Linkage’s Virtual Sessions offer your leaders an accelerated learning path through interactive online experiences, case studies, and activities designed for immediate, on-the-job application. This is a scalable and cost-effective solution for larger cohorts of participants.

    Virtual sessions can be consumed over several weeks to accommodate schedules, and give participants the ability to apply and practice concepts in between sessions. These sessions are frequently used to complement and expand the reach of our face-to-face learning experiences.

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    Leadership Development, Designed for Right Now

    Delivering development in the diverse formats leaders need.

    We are proud to offer in-person, digital, and asynchronous learning experiences designed to meet the unique needs of each organization–and each leader.

    Looking to the future.

    We’re constantly evolving our digital and virtual learning capabilities to enable leaders to learn through the latest methods and tools.

    And, focused on right now.

    Our digital learning platform empowers leaders to make the most of their leadership development experience, enabling them to put the abstract into action through applied learning.

    The Linkage program really does allow people to bring their whole selves to work and address leadership in a more holistic way.

    George Anderson Chief Learning Officer, Synchrony Financial

    It is inspiring to see the participants realizing their full potential as leaders. They are becoming even stronger role models capable of challenging themselves and others—not only within Avanade, but with our clients and beyond.

    Pamela Maynard President, Avanade Europe

    Through our partnership with Linkage, I believe we are now stronger, more dynamic and more resilient. We are ready to lead IIE into the next century.

    A. Sarah Ilchman Director, Student Exchanges, Institute of International Education

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