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    Retain My Leaders

    83% of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels—but only 5% have development at all levels. And to top it off, only 10% of critical leadership positions have ready and willing successors.

    There is a dramatic shortage of leaders to meet the demands of today’s increasingly complex, fast-paced and global workforce. By 2030 demand for skilled workers will outstrip supply, resulting in a global talent shortage of more than 85.2 million people. Your talent is critical to your success. We’re here to help.

    If employee engagement, retention, and attracting great talent are top-of-mind, put our practical and proven leadership development solutions to work for you.

    We’ve partnered with thousands of organizations to retain, develop, and grow leaders at all levels. Our goal is to make your organization exceed your goals—and get ahead of the talent shortfall to equip you for future success.

    Through our three decades of experience working with over a million leaders worldwide, we’ve honed in on what the most effective leaders do differently. Dive into our research to discover the five critical areas that Purposeful Leaders make to achieve transformational change. Then, put this research-based framework to work for you.

    Retain Your Talent, Achieve Your Goals

    Turn Insights Into Action with Coaching Advance your leadership ability and team's effectiveness with one-on-one coaching. Provide your leaders with a sounding board to discuss ideas and challenges, an objective counsel to vet issues and help focus on what matters most, and the opportunity to work on sensitive matters in the context of their own environment—to ensure maximum impact.

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    See your best talent shine—and retain them for years to come.

    Put our research and three decades of experience with over a million leaders worldwide to work for you. We’re capable partners, focused on helping you keep and develop leaders across all levels of your organization. Tell us your goals, and we’ll tell you what’s possible.

    Create a company where people want to be.

    Your leaders will have the greatest impact when you create an environment focused on learning, growth, and achieving common goals, together. Our organizational assessments give you an understanding of the bigger picture and where you can focus to achieve your talent goals.

    Benchmark what's working (and what isn't), test and get better.

    We do more than deliver content. We track progress in an actionable measurable way—to achieve the outcomes you are looking for. Our research-based assessments put the power back in your hands.

    The Linkage and Synchrony partnership is very unique. Linkage brings both the expertise and hands-on collaboration that really helps deliver a great experience for our high potential leaders.

    Dericka Hudson VP of Learning & Development, Synchrony

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